Stahlmann Räder

The STAHLMANN RÄDER brand is our answer to the unflagging popularity of steel rims as a durable and economical solution for every car. Since the moment of its creation in 2010, it has been successful and maintained a well-established position on the market.
Highest quality standards and constantly increasing number of satisfied customers determine the success of STAHLMANN RÄDER and confirm that our products are a perfect choice.

Highest quality

The guarantee of the highest quality and reliability of STAHLMANN RÄDER wheels directly translates into the safety of their use in road traffic. We regard these issues as a priority and we do not recognize any compromises here. The production of rims is based on advanced technological processes and complies with all technical requirements relating to the production of steel rims.

Versatile use

Steel rims is a recognized and trustworthy construction used in both passenger and commercial vehicles. It is perfect for everyday use, also in difficult conditions: on roads of lower quality class as well as during autumn and winter weather aura. Steel rims do not require special care treatments, and supplemented with appropriate hubcaps may be an excellent alternative to aluminum rims.

Quality certificates

Highest standards of production are confirmed certificates JWL and VIA. In order to adjust to national requirements, our rims have obtained a positive result of tests conducted in the Automotive Industry Institute. It authorizes us to use the PIMOT compliance sign and the registered safety mark B28. Thus, the user is guaranteed to receive a product that is reliable and safe in operation.

TPMS Ready

STAHLMANN RÄDER steel rimss are designed so as to ensure installation of practically every TPMS system based on pressure sensors from leading manufacturers. TPMS, i.e. system monitoring tire pressure, sends information about the pressure by radio from sensors placed inside the wheels to the on-board computer. This allows the driver to react to the pressure drop in the wheel in real-time, which improves driving safety and economics.

Accessories for wheels

Along with the selection of the rim model, it is necessary to match relevant fastenings. Within Carbonado brand, we offer a wide range of necessary accessories for rims. They include: screws, caps, centering rings, valves, as well as sets protecting the rims against theft.  Our accessories from the Carbonado line constitute key elements ensuring that the wheels are correctly mounted and ready for use.


STAHLMANN RÄDER is recognizable both in Poland and abroad, and the number of satisfied users is constantly growing. We make sure for the STAHLMANN RÄDER branded products to always reach retail and wholesale recipients quickly and on time. It is possible thanks to thought-out logistics and diverse channels of distribution and customer service.